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1 Million in Haiti Urgently Need Humanitarian Assistance After Hurricane...

More Than 1 Million Affected by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Haiti faces cholera outbreak after Hurricane Matthew

Reviewing the Latest Podesta WikiLeaks UFO Updates...

BIGGER Quake Strikes Italy (M6.6) | S0 News Oct.30.2016

Stillness in the Storm : Study Confirms: Human Genome Contains 8% Non-Human...

After terrorizing America with Zika scaremongering...

Stars Collide, Satellite Harmed by SpaceWeather | S0 News Oct.29.2016

Summary of 3 days capturing and compiling footage from the ISS!

ISS: Strange Craft in the distance.

Polar Vortex explained in under 120 seconds

Stillness in the Storm : Benjamin Fulford -- October 24th 2016: Mass arrest...

Crash Site, Space Weather, Fireballs | S0 News Oct.28.2016

Serbest Enerji - Video Tariel Kapanadze - Generator de energie gratuita - 5KW

Drone footage shows Italy earthquake destruction

Solar Storms Continue, Earthquake Damage | S0 News Oct.27.2016

コロンビアで地滑り、少なくとも6人死亡 Landslide kills at least 6 in Colombia

Derrumbe en la autopista Medellín - Bogotá (Cortesía)

Strong Solar Storm, Tech Risks Today | S0 News Oct.26.2016

Небесное явление

MAGNETICREVERSAL.org - Weakening of Earth's Magnetic Field


Water Worlds, Solar Eruption, Solar Storms | S0 News Oct.25.2016

Impresionante granizada en Zacatecas, México, 23 de octubre 2016

Granizada Zacatecas. Octubre 2016

Coronal Hole, Solar Wind, Coupling Quake Watch | S0 News Oct.24.2016

Stillness in the Storm : Super Synopsis: History of Earth and Local Star Cl...

Stillness in the Storm : Secret Nazi military base discovered by Russian sc...

CME Coupling & M7 Risk - Oct 24-25, 2016

Stillness in the Storm : Science Reveals the Vibrational Nature of the Sun ...

ExoMars, Hail, Earthspots, Space Weather | S0 News Oct.22.2016

Behind the scenes w/ David Wilcock, Regina Meredeth & Corey Goode (Cosmi...

Big Quake Hits, We Almost Lost it All | S0 News Oct.21.2016

Stillness in the Storm : Benjamin Fulford -- October 17th 2016: Hillary Cli...

Stillness in the Storm : Benjamin Fulford -- October 17th 2016: Hillary Cli...

Fireball, Solar Wind, Mars Lander Trouble | S0 News Oct.20.2016

The Black Hole at the Birth of the Universe

Raw: Typhoon Haima Slams Into Philippines

Нацпарк "Русская Арктика" пополнили экспонаты с секретной нацистской мет...

Space Weather Breakthrough, Mars Life Evidence | S0 News Oct.19.2016

Solar Wind Spike, Satellites Smacked, CME Erupts | S0 News Oct.18.2016

The Portal: Pleiadian Situation Update

they come after you? - bashar

Sun, Big Quakes, Extinction & The Dark Disk | S0 News Oct.17.2016

Deadly Flooding Hits Central Vietnam

Typhoon Haima and Sarika Light Up The WestPAC

SOTT Earth Changes Summary - September 2016: Extreme Weather, Planetary ...

Signs of Disclosure OCT Week 2 2016

Solar Wind Watch, Earthquakes, Storms | S0 News Oct.16.2016

Earthquake, Solar Killshot Misses, Electric Effects | S0 News Oct.15.2016

Space Weather Steals The Show | S0 News Oct.14.2016

World's Oldest Pyramids Found in Alaska Shocks Scientific Community

Waterspout Comes Ashore and Destroys Buildings in Manzanita on Oregon Coast

Stillness in the Storm : Benjamin Fulford -- October 10th 2016: US election...

Magnetic Storm, USA Storm Alert, Fluoride | S0 News Oct.13.2016

The U.S. Army's Top Secret Arctic City Under the Ice! "Camp Century" Res...

Solar Surface Surge, Cosmic News | S0 News Oct.12.2016

Space Weather & Health, Planets, Quakes | S0 News Oct.11.2016

Space Weather, CME?, ExoMars | S0 News Oct.10.2016

Stillness in the Storm : Disclosure: Iraq Minister Says in Press Conference...

Next Coronal Hole, Physics Problem | S0 News Oct.9.2016

Signs of Change and Disclosure OCT Week 1 2016

Volcano, Major Storms, Alien Life Article | S0 News Oct.8.2016

Star Plasma Cannon, New Map, Big Update | S0 News Oct.7.2016

Solar System Circuit - OTF 2017 (Conference Preview)

Major Damage, Major Alerts, Space Weather | S0 News Oct.6.2016

Space Weather, Planets Affect The Sun | S0 News Oct.5.2016

Magnetic Ocean, Solar Storm Endures | S0 News Oct.4.2016

CMEs Coupling Soon, Reverberation Storm, Saturn Hex | S0 News Oct.3.2016

Electric Earth, No Dark Matter? | S0 News Oct.2.2016

Big Sun Eruption, QuakeWatch Begins | S0 News Oct.1.2016

Earthquake Watch, Planet 9/Star Encounters | S0 News Sep.30.2016

Mumbai Metro: Bridge Collapses In Maharashtra | 3rd August 2016

Weird object spotted beyond Neptune

Raw: Japan's Mount Aso Volcano Errupts

GPM Captures Hurricane Matthew Over Haiti

Typhoon Chaba Sets Eyes on Korea and Western Japan

Typhoon Chaba hits southeastern Korea after lashing Jeju

EARLY EDITION 18:00 Typhoon Chaba strikes southern Korea, before moving ...


Volcán de Colima. La espectacular erupción del 30 septiembre 2016 entre ...

Hurricane Matthew effects in Jacmel, Haiti | 03 10 2016

UFO from ISS. September 30th. 2016.