Ağustos, 2016 tarihine ait yayınlar gösteriliyor

Sheldan Nidle 30 Ağustos 2016 günlüğü

Storm floods parts of Colorado Springs; water rescues attempted amid hai...

Hail in Colorado Springs

Major flash flooding and hail in Colorado Springs - Aug. 29th, 2016

The Girl With 10 Lives

Two large underwater pyramids discovered on the ocean floor off the coas...

Volcano Alert, Major Hail, Plasma Eruption | S0 News Aug.30.2016

Signs of Change in 4th Week of Aug 2016

Six tropical cyclones are active in the northern hemisphere as the seaso...

Big Quake, Killer Weather, Europa | S0 News Aug.29.2016

Another Big Quake, Habitable World Nearby | S0 News Aug.25.2016

Realite Balonları


Hilarion’s Weekly Message 21-28 Ağustos 2016 haftalık mesaj

Ascended Masters Mystery School 16 Ağustos 2016 tebliği

Stillness in the Storm : Creating the Optimal Time Line for Full UFO Disclo...

Big Earthquake, Florida Alert, Deadly Hail | S0 News Aug.24.2016

Stillness in the Storm : Corey Goode Intel Update Part 2 | First Contact wi...

Surge in Sunspot Birth

Sunspots Surge, STEREO is Back, Lightning | S0 News Aug.23.2016

8-21-16 Dust Storm Phoenix, AZ

What is a Haboob

Flood Fury Continues In Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh & Rajasthan

Rescue Operations Underway in Flood Hit Bihar, MP, Rajasthan and UP

High water lever in Ganga river after flood affecting millions across In...

Incredible Tornado Video, New Sunspots | S0 News Aug.22.2016

Space Weather, Tornado, Earthquake | S0 News Aug.21.2016


True Humanity Awakening? + week2 major Aug News

True Humanity Awakening? + week2 major Aug News

VERY interesting 1st week of August! What is NEXT for Humanity?

Sun, Earthquake, Cosmic Rays, Floods | S0 News Aug.20.2016

Mindulle Nears Tokyo

Lionrock and Mindulle and Magnetic Typhoon Japan

Space Weather, Earthquake Challenge | S0 News Aug.19.2016

The Portal: Situation Update

Stillness in the Storm : Corey Goode Vlog Update -- August 17th 2016

Space Weather, Volcano, Quake, Landslide | S0 News Aug.18.2016

Stillness in the Storm : Benjamin Fulford -- August 15th 2016: Economic and...

Unreal Rescue In Baton Rouge Floodwater

Eerie Coffins Seen Floating Through Flooded Louisiana Streets

Louisiana Struggles As Tragic Flood Continues | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Stillness in the Storm : Corey Goode Intel Update Part 1 | Backlash from An...

Solar Wind Impact, Deadly Floods | S0 News Aug.17.2016

Severe Tropical Storm Chanthu Slams Japan

Mysterious fireball filmed streaking across San Diego sky.

At least 76 killed since floods began in Sudan

Space Weather, Electric Earth, Floods | S0 News Aug.16.2016

Crop Circles 2016 - Ansty, Nr Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK - 12th August 201...

Solar Wind Impact Watch | S0 News Aug.15.2016

Solar Impact Watch, Big Far-side Blast | S0 News Aug.14.2016

Space Weather, Mystery Neptune Object, Blot | S0 News Aug.13.2016

Earthquakes Hit, CME Possible, Big Update | S0 News Aug.12.2016

Questions on the Earthquake Challenge | Aug.11.2016

8-13-16 Catastrophic Flooding - Central Louisiana from the Chopper

The HEAVENLY STORMS - Supercell, Tornado & Lightning Storms Time Lapse

Louisiana flash floods prompt state of emergency

Stillness in the Storm : Benjamin Fulford -- August 8th 2016: Khazarian maf...

Space Weather, Earthquake Watch | S0 News Aug.11.2016

Stillness in the Storm : SSP Insider Dr. Wolfe | The UFO Cover-up and ET Re...

Raw: Forest Fire Burns Home on Madeira Islands

(vídeo completo) Incêndio na Madeira Várias casas consumidas pelas | Mas...

Stillness in the Storm : Majestic 12: Is This Legendary UFO Conspiracy U.S....

Solar Plasma Erupts, Meteor Shower Ongoing! | S0 News Aug.10.2016

Solar Flares, Active Star, Weather | S0 News Aug.9.2016

Mind over Matter: Secrets of human aura revealed by Russian scientists

Sun/Earth Report, Love's 'Response' | S0 News Aug.8.2016

Hurricane Earl wreaks havoc in Mexico

Mexico: Tropical storm Earl triggers deadly landslides, country bracing ...

Flash flooding in Macedonia leaves more than 20 people dead

Flooded Skopje 2016, Epic Storm & Rain, Extreme Weather

Macedonia: massive flash flood kills over 20 in Skopje, state of emergen...

Поплави низ Скопје

Something BIG is about to happen! World Events Accelerating! July 2016...

Sun/Earth Report, Love's 'Response' | S0 News Aug.8.2016

Meteor Shower, Space Weather, Tropics | S0 News Aug.7.2016

Space Weather, CERN Oops, Major Flood | S0 News Aug.6.2016

Sunspots, Weather, Major Floods | S0 News Aug.5.2016

Landfall of Hurricane Earl in Belize

Peru's Ancient Cave Of Dangerous Energies

Kreutz family sungrazing comet plunges into the Sun - August 2 - 4, 2016

Stillness in the Storm : Benjamin Fulford -- August 1st 2016: Israel, Saudi...

Volcanoes, Comet hits the Sun, CME | S0 News Aug.4.2016

Sun-Diving Comet, MagStorm, Top News | S0 News Aug.3.2016

कुदरत की मार से सहमा बिहार | Bihar Flood Situation Worsens, Thousands Di...

Flood situation grim in Bihar

Fireball in Novosibirsk

Underwater City Off of Cuba Part 1 (The Discovery)

Solar Impacts, Volcanoes, Killer Storms | S0 News Aug.2.2016

Apollo astronauts experiencing higher rates of cardiovascular-related de...

Time-lapse of the Carmel Soberanes Fire in Garrapata State Park

Inground Pool! Sinkhole with swirling water appears in backyard of house...

Typhoon Nida shuts down Hong Kong

Typhoon Nida Wreaks Havoc in HK, 3 Slightly Injured

Typhoon Nida lands in south China's Shenzhen city, bringing gales and rain

Impacts Imminent, Weather Alerts | S0 News Aug.1.2016

(VIDEO) Ellicott City Flash Flood July 2016 Maryland USA

Ellicott City Flood 2016 Aftermath

State of emergency declared in fatal flooding

State of Emergency After Maryland City Flood

Tornado leaves trail of destruction in northern Vietnam

Lốc xoáy của cơn bão số 1 yên phong bắc ninh 28-7

The Portal: Terms of Surrender Update

Stillness in the Storm : Benjamin Fulford -- July 30th 2016: News Flash: Ma...

The Portal: Terms of Surrender Update

Magnetic Storm Watch, Earthquake Challenge | S0 News Jul.31.2016

CME Coming, M7.7 Quake, WoW Lightning | S0 News Jul.30.2016

Damaging Wind/Hail - Albuquerque 7.29.2016